General Information
Full Name Thunderbolt
Gender Male (?)
Race Horse
Nationality MiniflagUnited States USA
Born c.a. c.a. 1940 (?)
Died  ????
Special Information
Residence Grandma's Farm, Calisota, USA
Occupation Draft Horse
Organization None

Owner Elvira Coot
Caretaker Gus Goose

Thunderbolt is a minor animal character from the Golden Era.


Grandma Duck has a horse called “Thunderbolt”, who lives in her stable. It appears that he is used as a draft horse, as Grandma Duck drives an old electric car for transporation, instead.

After a mishap while trying to disguise Thunderbolt, during his "Mythological Managerie" scheme, Donald ended up being stuck on Thunderbolt, who dragged him into the Black Forest until he got tired, which was apparently long enough time for Donald to get quite injured.


  • Thunderbolt's behavior in "Mythological Managerie" is similar to that of a "hot blood" horse, which don't tend to be used as draft horses.

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