Character Creator Ernie Terrazas
First Appearance Walt Disney Presents Panchito * 1943 * The Three Caballeros Ride Again ** 2000 **
# of appearances 2 **
Last Appearance The Seven (minus 4) Magnificent Caballeros ** 2005 **

*= out of universe **= in-universe


  • The Three Caballeros Ride Again
  • The Seven (minus 4) Magnificent Caballeros
  • Don Rosa Christmas Calendar (non-canon)

The FilmEdit

Panchito was designed to have as much personality as Donald or Jose. His design was planned thoroughly, as Modern Mechanix puts it:

Second only to the spell of Disney’s propaganda fantasy will be the inevitable reaction of the thousands who will exclaim, “How on earth is it done?” It isn’t too simple. The film involved the most careful planning all along the line, beginning with the conception of the character. Then came his visualization in the studio, checking up on his background, and of most important consideration his color scheme. Panchito must not clash with the blue, white, and yellow of Donald Duck, nor the green, cream, yellow, and vermilion of Joe Carioca. He must be individual and also look well against the many backgrounds. The studio settled the matter by giving Panchito a yellow beak and feet, red comb, gray hat, and purple outfit.

–Modern Mechanix, Sep. 1944 Issue


The Three Caballeros used to be a frequent device of satire, political or not.

Panchito's iconic voice was also chosen meticulously:

After this, it was a good deal of a chore to find a voice that would make Panchito suitably articulate on the screen. From more than 100 actors tested, they selected Joaquin Garay, an entertainer in San Francisco’s Copacabana night club, to speak the rooster’s lines.

–Modern Mechanix, Sep. 1944 Issue

Panchito was envisioned by Disney writer Ernie Terrazas, animated by Ward Kimball and voiced by Joaquin Garay.

The film was nominated for 2 Oscars, and is [1]The Gran Fiesta tour, starring the Three Caballeros.Added byTightwadnotable for being the first to combine, to that extent, cartoon with live action.

Panchito appears, along with the rest of the three caballeros, in a few Disney-themed resorts.

The Newspaper StripsEdit

Panchito was hosted in newspaper strips during the mid-40s, where Martinez was first introduced in 1943. Unlike Jose, he never got to have his own magazine.

He is present in the comic book adaptation of 'The Three Caballeros' and also appears in a few strips with Jose.

The House of MouseEdit


Panchito has appeared multiple times in the TV series 'The House of Mouse', mostly in group shots, but also performing two songs, We're the Three Caballeros and My Name Is Panchito, with its melody partially originating from Cielito Lindo, and where he reveals that his full name is "Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero González" in 'The Three Caballeros' and 'Not So Goofy' respectively. In the former episode, Panchito is called to help Donald overcome his overinflated ego, while in the latter he tries to get Goofy find his old self.

In Ludwig's song, the three caballeros, including Panchito, are specifically mentioned as 'the three amigos'.

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