Ravage DeFlora
Ravage DeFlora
Animal lovers - bah! Give Bambi half a chance and he'll take your arm off with his fangs!
General Information
Full Name Ravage DeFlora
Gender Male
Race Pignose
Nationality Flag of Canada Canada
Born c.a. 1905
Died  ????
Special Information
Residence Ontario, Canada
Occupation Lumber Mill Plant Manager
Organization McDuck Industries

Ravage DeFlora is a minor antagonist from the Golden Era.

McDuck Industries cut down forests in Ontario. Its lumber mill, directed by Ravage wastewater flows to an unnamed river. For years, Ravage's plant has been getting mail from the Junior Woodchucks about destroying the North Woods.

Additionally, DeFlora had posted a reward for the Peeweegah, which along with his constant deforestation attempts, lead to a full-scale war, with the Peeweegah and the animals of the Woods destroying the Plant and capturing DeFlora.

Nevertheless, DeFlora dumped his entire chemical arsenal with the environmental destruction lasting for around 20 years. He was taken to Post 37 of the R.C.M.P to be properly detained.


  • Ravage DeFlora actually stands for "Ravage of the flora", as "de" is a French preposition.

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