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Quackmore Duck
I oughta wring somebody's neck!
General Information
Full Name Quackmore Duck
Gender Male
Race Duck
Nationality MiniflagUnited States USA
Born c.a. 1875
Died Unknown
Special Information
Residence Duckburg, Calisota, USA. Moved out in 1930, to an unknown location.
Occupation Farmer, Accountant
Organization McDuck Enterprises (formerly)

Father Dabney Duck
Mother Elvira Duck
Sister Daphne Duck
Brother Eider Duck
Spouse Hortense McDuck
Son Donald Duck
Daughter Della Duck


Quackmore meets Hortense McDuck in 1902.

Quackmore Duck, one of the members of the Duck family, notable for being the son of Elvira Coot, as well the father of Donald Duck, to whom he has passed on his temper. He lived in Duckburg most of his life, initially as a farmer, and then as an accountant for McDuck Enterprises.


Irritable and rebellious, Donald Duck's famous temper was clearly inheritted by both of his parents. In fact, Quackmore's relationship with his wife, Hortense McDuck could be characterized by the common tendency to throwing tantrums, as well as them finding an attractive characteristic of one another.

It is notable that he made a succesful transition from farmer to accountant, something that implies that adaptability is one of the characteristics of his personality.

Early LifeEdit

Quackmore was born in the Duck Farm in Duckburg, Calisota, c.a 1875, after Elvira 'Grandma' Duck and Dabney 'Grandpa' Duck, with Daphne and Eider as his only simplings.

He showed signs of his temper early in his life, and grew up doing farm activities (raising corn and caring for animals).

In 1902, along with Scrooge McDuck's arrival at Duckburg, he met his soon-to-be, equally irritable, spouse, Hortense McDuck. The two got married sometime between 1902 and 1908. In an early version of the 'Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck', Quackmore and Hortense married while Scrooge was doing business in Africa.

Later LifeEdit


Quackmore with his wife and children in 1930.

{C}At some point before 1908, Hortense and Matilda hired him as a chief accountant on Scrooge's Money Bin.

In the 1920s, Hortense gave birth to their two children, Donald and Della.

After a final encounter in 1930 between Scrooge and his relatives, he moved away with his family from Duckburg, to live in an unknown location. That was his last appearance in Duck comics.


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