Francisco Pizarro
General Information
Full Name Francisco Pizarro
Gender Male
Race Human
Nationality Flag of Spain Spain
Born c.a. 1471 or 1476
Died 26 June 1541)
Special Information
Residence New Castile, Peru
Occupation Conquistador

Marquees of New Castile

Organization Spanish Empire

Marquees Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador who conquered the Inca Empire.

Pizarro and the conquistadors invaded the Incan empire in 1532, just as an Incan civil war was ending. He imprisoned the new emperor Atahualpa and demanded the Inca gold as ransom. During the conquest of the Inca empire his main captain was Sebastian de Belalcázar. After the conquest of the incas he sent Sebatian conquer the territory of the present Equator but this same deserted to go to the city of Eldorado.

According to the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook, Lake Titicoocoo was one of Pizarro’s base camps, therefore, the Incas would have been unable to dump the gold there.

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