Number One Dime
Vital Statistics
Type Coin
Era Heroic Age - Golden Era
Civilization American
Estimated Price 10¢ / priceless
Magical? Yes (according to Magica De Spell)

The Number One Dime is the very first coin Scrooge McDuck ever earned. It is usually located in a secure glass case inside the Money Bin.


The Number One Dime came over the Atlantic in the pocket of Howard Rockerduck, the father of John D. Rockerduck, in 1877. To impress the girls in Glasgow he thrown a few American coins (among them the Number One Dime) to some children (among them Scrooge's sisters who picked up the dime and gave it to their father, who decided to use it to inspire Scrooge to start earning his own money).

Soon after, Scrooge earned it by cleaning shoes as a ten year old. It is said to bring its owner good luck, but Don Rosa shows and says that the only luck it has ever given Scrooge is that it inspired him to hard work. It is thus nothing more than a source for inspiration.

Since 1961 the Italian witch Magica De Spell has kept trying to steal it, to melt it into an amulet that she believes will make her the richest in the world. So far Magica's efforts to steal the coin have been rather unsuccessful.


  • There are at least two glass cases in the Money Bin.
  • The dime is dated 1875 and is produced in the USA.


  • "Of Ducks, Times and Destinies" by Don Rosa
  • "The Beagle Boys vs The Money Bin" by Don Rosa
  • "The Last of the Clan McDuck" by Don Rosa

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