Michel de Nostrildame (?)
A picture of Nostrildramus in the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook.
General Information
Full Name Michel de Nostrildame (?)
Gender Male
Race Pignose
Nationality Miniflag France France
Born 14 or 21 December 1503 (?)
Died 2 July 1566 (?)
Special Information
Residence Salon-de-Provence, France
Occupation Apothecary
astrological consultant (?)
Organization None

Nostrildamus was a "historical" figure in the Duckburg universe, based on worldplay on the actual "Nostradamus" and the word "nostril".

Nostrildamus was a 16th century astrologer who could see the future. According to him, his mystic medallion could get anyone his powers. Scrooge was interested in his medallion for financial purposes, but he ended up returning it to his tomb shortly after recovering it, because as he realized, it brought bad luck.

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