Lost Crown of Genghis Khan
Lost Crown of Genghis Khan
Vital Statistics
Type Artifact
Era Consolidation Era
Civilization Mongolian
Estimated Price  ???
Magical? No

The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan is a mythical artifact that is heavily featured in multiple stories.


The Crown was first used by Genghis Khan as a symbol of power.

According to the Junior Woodchucks' Guidebook, Marco Polo saw the crown during his search for the real land of Prester John in China . Marco Polo claimed to have found Prester John ’s Land and told Kublai Khan of it when he reached Cathay. Kubla invaded Tibet and moved into the kingdom.

Kubla moved the treasure of the Mongul Empire to Tralla La for safekeeping since the place was so inaccessible, including the Crown.

When, in the 14th century, the Khan never returned to Tralla La, its residents tried to remove all of his traces, and threw away the treasure, along with the rest of the treasure. The Crown ended up in an ice cave at the base of Mount Karakal , where a goatherder ended up finding it.

When the Sherpas at Scrooge's Yak Farm in Ladakh heard of the goatherder's discovery, Scrooge traded his yak farm in order to acquire the crown. However, the Crown was lost to a snowman , and Scrooge lead an expedition, in order to reacquire it.

After the expedition was met with success, Scrooge kept the crown in the Trophy Room of his Money Bin for some time, and sometimes lended it to the Duckburg Museum in order to showcase his collection.

Upon Scrooge's final return to Tralla La , he and his nephews cause a flood, and were forced to leave the Crown and the rest of the treasure behind in order to rescue Tralla La. The Crown was lost in the subterrean portion of the Alph , teaching Scrooge that greed often costs more than it gains.

Scrooge's desperation as a result to the loss of the crown, motivated him to search for, and find, the Crown of the Crusader Kings .


  • The crown is perceived by the citizens of Tralla La as the sign of the Golden Horde.

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