José Carioca
Pooh, gatinha!
General Information
Full Name José Carioca
Gender Male
Race Jitterostrum
Nationality Flag of Brazil Brazil
Born c.a. 1920
Died  ???
Special Information
Residence Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro (state), Brazil
Occupation Entertainer
Nightclub Owner
Organization The Three Caballeros

Friend Donald Duck
Friend Panchito Pistoles

José Carioca is a Brazilian maladro, notable for being one of the three caballeros and introducing Donald Duck to Brazilian culture in 1942. While he did work as a travelling singer for sometime in the mid-50s, he ended up setting up a club in Rio De Janeiro and grew to be of considerable fame, as the 'discoverer of the Mines of Ophir'.

Making his first appearance in the 1942 Disney film 'Saludos Amigos' and re-appearing in 'The Three Caballeros' (1944), he had his first in-universe use by Don Rosa in The Three Caballeros Ride Again, which was meant to be a story featuring the main characters of the film teaming up, thus making it, in some ways, an indirect sequel.


Sleek and gentlemanly, José knows his way around people, especially women, or at least, so he thinks. While generally one to avoid working, he appears to have a knack for occupations concerning to showmanship.

Despite what his romantic musings once indicated, he's rarely if ever confrontantional, and has been depicted as an all-around friendly guy. Nevertheless, he is quite passionate and lively, and has been portrayed as a ladies' man, who is also, according to his own saying, 'a city boy'.

He did not think much of having relationships with married women, and per the Brazilian universe, should it be considered canon in regards to the two Rosa stories, he also has few qualms about cheating his girlfriend.

Early LifeEdit

Extremelly little is known about José's early life, other than that his singing ability must have first been developed then. Rio De Janeiro is often referred to as his hometown, and José's last name (Carioca) means 'From Rio'. Despite that, his accent from the films was not cariocan, which may suggest that he spent his early childhood elsewhere.

José does not appear to have learned English by 1942, speaking to Donald in Brazilian Portoguese instead.

Saludos, Caballeros!Edit

Around 1942, Donald Duck journeyed around North America, including Brazil. In Rio De Janeiro he first met José near Copacabana Beach. After a short introduction to the local drink cachaça, the two ended up dancing the night away in Atlantico, a nightclub in Copacabana Beach.

From 1942 until 1944, José appears to have learned English to a good extent, possibly in the process of keeping in touch with Donald, who returned to the States. José sent a present to Donald, in order to celebrate his 24th birthday, in 1944.

In the same year, Donald once again met with José, went to Brazil, possibly in the city of Baia, which José, despite praising, had never been to, before.

The two visited Mexico, where they met Panchito Pistoles, founded The Three Caballeros, and took a tour throughout the country, visiting Mexico City, Pátzcuaro, Veracruz and Acapulco.

Riding AgainEdit

The Treasure of the Sierra MadreEdit

Around 10 years passed since that last adventure, and José had already started making international tours, especially in Mexico, which according to him, provided good tourist money. For a period of time, he performed in Divisadero Hotel, where he flirted Rosa Bedoya and other female customers, before being discovered by Gold Hat.

Upon his escape, he bumped into Donald Duck, and the two accidentally ended up in Barranco del Cobra, where they discovered Panchito, who had just found that the legendary city of Tayopa was covered by molten lava.

Through their combined effort, Panchito managed to find three barrels of what seems to be silver from a monastery burried within the lava. Upon the company's return to Divisadero, they bumped into Gold Hat, and performed their theme in an attempt to escape. Nevertheless, they are incapacitated, and their precious cargo is stolen.

Following a risky brawl aboard a train heading for the cliff, they defeat Gold Hat, and retrieve the barrels. Unfortunately, José discovered that they were full of quicksilver (mercury) instead of silver, and would have most likely suffered from mercury poisoning, had it not been for Panchito's intervention.

When returning to Divisadero, José saved his job in the nick of time, thanks to Donald and Panchito, who performed their classic theme with him.

Shortly after that adventure, José opened a nightclub in Rio de Janeiro, which unfortunately attracted very few customers.

Caballeros, vaqueros, and garimpeirosEdit

While facing economical troubles with his nightclub business, he receives an invitation by Huey, Luey and Dewey, a few months or years after his adventure with their uncle.

In Rio, in the Sugar Load Mountain, he finally meets Donald and Panchito once again, and proposes that they all become garimpeiros, diamond hunters in the great Matto Grosso, in an effort to escape their daily life troubles.

Donald is eventually abducted by an Indian tribe of illegal animal trappers, descendants of the protectors of the Mines of Fear, a legendary lost city filled with gems. José and Panchito rescue Donald and the trapped animals, accidentally finding the Lost City as well, which ends up to be an ancient Phoenician colony, its mines filled with fabulous gemstones of amazing proportions.

After dealing with the Chief of the Indian tribe and Cobra Grande, they ride it as a means of leaving the city.


While the mines are property of the Brazilian government, José was hailed as the man who made the archaelogical discovery of the century, throughout Brazil. After his agent promoted him with posters throughout Rio, his nightclub performance, 'The José Carioca Revue' which involved 'song and dance and snappy patter', was sold out for a year.

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