Character Creator Unknown (first comic book strip by Hubie Karp)
First Appearance 1942/10/11 Newspaper Strip * 1942 * The Three Caballeros Ride Again ** 2000 **
# of appearances 2 **
Last Appearance The Seven (minus 4) Magnificent Caballeros ** 2005 **

*= out of universe **= in-universe


  • The Three Caballeros Ride Again
  • The Seven (minus 4) Magnificent Caballeros
  • Don Rosa Christmas Calendar (non-canon)

The FilmsEdit

José was created as a sign of goodwill to North America, especially Brazil, with Saludos Amigos being considered today as WW2 propaganda. According to an issue of the Times Magazine from 1943 he is described as

a dapper Brazilian parrot, who is as superior to Donald Duck as the Duck was to Mickey Mouse.

– Jan. 25 1943, Times Magazine

He was re-used in The Three Caballeros, where he speaks English for the first time.

Comic BooksEdit

José was hosted in newspaper strips during the early 40s, finally getting his own comic book magazine, which is still very popular in Brazil.

He is present in the comic book adaptation of 'The Three Caballeros'..

The House of MouseEdit


José has appeared multiple times in the TV series 'The House of Mouse', mostly in group shots, but also co-performing in two songs, We're the Three Caballeros and My Name Is Panchito, with its melody partially originating from Cielito Lindo in 'The Three Caballeros' and 'Not So Goofy' respectively. In the former episode, José is called to help Donald overcome his overinflated ego, while in the latter he tries to get Goofy not to be so goofy. In another episode, Mickey suspects him of flirting with Minnie, when in fact, he is simply sharing a Brazilian food recipe, as a friendly gesture.

In Ludwig's song, the three caballeros, including José, are specifically mentioned as 'the three amigos'.

External LinksEdit

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