Huey,Dewey and Louie Duck
Huey Dewie Louie
Huey, Dewey and Louie's actual appearance
General Information
Full Name Huey,Dewey and Louie Duck
Gender Male
Race Duckbill
Nationality MiniflagUnited States USA
Born 1940
Died Unknown, after the 1990s
Special Information
Residence Duckburg, Calisota, USA
Occupation Students
Junior Woodchucks Officers
Organization Duck Family
Junior Woodchucks

Father Daisy's Brother
Mother Della Duck
Uncle Donald Duck
Uncle Scrooge McDuck
Great Grandmother Elvira Coot
Grandfather Dabney Coot
Cousin Gladstone Gander

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck are identical triplets, notable for being Donald Duck's nephews. They live in Duckburg with him, and often follow his and their other uncle's, Scrooge's, adventures.

They were created by Ted Osborne and Al Talafierro and were heavily developed by Carl Barks. Barks also created the concept of the Junior Woodchucks, a boy scout organization that contributed to showing an alternative side to HDL.

Physical appearanceEdit

Huey Dewey and Louie are three little twin ducks. They all three have white feathers with a small tail. Their eyes are oval and blue. Their beaks are orange. Their hands are similar to human's, but instead of 5 fingers they have 4 fingers. They are bipeds. Each of their feet has three small toes. The soles of their feet are undeluted and flat. They wear a shirt that can be of the color of their hats (green, blue, red) or simply black.


The trio shares an exact same personality, something shown frequently. Because of that, and the fact that their physical appearance is almost completely the same (they wear their differently colored hats interchangably), they can essentially be considered to be the same person. When confronted with that fact, HDL are surprised and dismiss it as completely untrue.

It is notable that throughout the years of living with their uncle, Donald, the personality of HDL has developed. In earlier stories they appear to be extremelly antagonistic with Donald, often tricking him and disobeying, only to be punished later on

Their behavior in these early stories is very child-like. For example, in one story, the three and their friend Herbert denied to have a bath, as they considered it an ignomous act. Even then, they are sometimes portayed as mature. For example, when in one occasion they thought that Grandma Duck had financial troubles, they offered to sell their toys in order to support her.

Nevertheless, in later stories, they are shown to be knowledgable, quite hard working and very mature. They can also, unlike their uncle Donald,recognize the sentimental value money and trophies can have in the case of Scrooge. After all, it was HDL who realized how much Scrooge's past life meant to him and encouraged him to spend the last 20 years of his life journeying around the world.

Don Rosa works around that transition, pointing to the Junior Woodchucks as an explanation for it. As demonestrated in W.H.A.D.A.L.O.T.O.F.J.A.R.G.O.N, it was joining that very organization that tought them to be resourceful and determined, as well, as self-reliant, although they will always need Donald.

HDL are some of the most highly decorated, knowledgable Junior Woodchucks, and they, as well as their Guidebook play a catalytic role in most adventures.

Early Life (1940-1947)Edit

HDL were born in 1940, to Della Duck (Donald's sister), and her husband, who according to Don Rosa, is the brother of Daisy Duck, hence why their last names are 'Duck'.

Their early life is to some extent shrouded with mystery, as their parents are never shown, and they end up living permanently with Donald in Duckburg. As far as we know, they don't seem to make any contact with their parents.

Donald travelled in multiple locations in South America and Mexico between 1942 and 1944, but HDL were already living with him when they all met their Uncle Scrooge together in 1947. As such, HDL moved in Donald's house and he got custody of them sometime around their age of 4 to 7. While in 'The Richest Duck in the World' they make a reference about them empathising with the feeling of a relative abandoning them, in 'W.H.A.D.A.L.O.T.O.F.J.A.R.G.O.N', Donald makes it clear that Della sent HDL to live with him specifically.

They spent a few years having local adventures, and constantly causing trouble to their uncle, when in the Christmas of 1947, they finally met their uncle Scrooge and convinced him to return to his past life.

Woodchuckery and other activities (1947-1958)Edit

Sometime after 1947, Donald decided that he had enough of their behavior and decided that they would attend the World Jaboree in the Junior Woodchucks new headquarters, so that they could sign up.

They ended up joining such as cadets in the Duckburg Troop 1, despite it normally only accepting elite Woodchucks from other local troops, firstly because that was the day was celebratory, and secondly because H.E.A.D.H.O.N.C.H.O realized that they were descendants of Clinton Coot, the founder of the Junior Woodchucks.

Their task was to find the remains of Fort Duckburg, with the help of (then, Major) Snozzie, who was also tested to be the official bloodhound of the organization.

After searching several McDuck companies, they found that Scrooge was about to have an employee destroy the wood from Fort Duckburg, but upon informing the employee of the wood's origins, he stopped, startled, as he was a Junior Woodchuck when he was younger.

Several months later, when Fort Duckburg was reconstructed in a hill of the Black Forest, HDL officially joined Duckburg Troop 1 ranked as Colonels, got an entire list of titles, and got the opportunity to create a custom title to thank their Uncle Donald for raising them, 'U.N.C.A.D.O.N.A.L.D' (Unselfish, Noble, Caring, Affectionate and Dedicated Overseer of Nephews and Altogether Lovable Duck).

They constantly advanced through the ranks (according to Don Rosa, he doesn't think that HDL are of the same rank in any two different stories), ending up to become 100-star generals, achieving those with two final merit badges, one in advanced rocketry and the other in First Aid: Advanced Bandages.

Among the adventures they shared with their uncles, in 1955, in "Letter from Home" they got to meet their Aunt Matilda who reconciled with Scrooge after several years.

Joining the Woodchucks also made them more reliable students. In earlier stories, they frequently 'played hookey'. As a result, while Donald noted that he was in no financial position to send them to college in 'The Three Caballeros Ride Again', he figured that they'd be smart enough to gain scholarship themselves. In all probability that's what happenned.

Later Life (1958-1990s)Edit

It's unknown exactly what they did study and how they occupied themselves until 1967, but according to 'Rip Van Donald', Dewey supposedly went to Medical School and Louie studied Law, Huey went through Barber College. Of course the entire story was an elaborate lie that HDL made up, but it could prove to have been true.

In 1967, following Scrooge's death, they inherited the entirety of Scrooge's fortune along with McDuck Industries, with the exception of his Money Bin which Don Rosa speculates he would have thrown into the sea.

They've been depicted to pay their respects at Scrooge's tombstone sometime in the 1990s.