Humperdink Dabney Duck is the husband of Grandma Elvira Coot Duck and the father of Quackmore, Daphne, and Eider Duck, and the Grandfather of Donald Duck, Della Duck, Gladstone Gander, Fethry Duck, and Abner "Whitewater" Duck. 

Nothing is known about Humperdink's early life but he is seen to be married to Elvira when Scrooge McDuck and his sisters Matilda and Hortense first move into Duckburg.  Humperdink and Elvira have three children named Quackmore, Daphne and Eider.  A few years before then Humperdink hired a painter to paint a sign of the Triple Distelfink on the barn door on the day Daphne was born.  He was still alive when Donald was a kid but he passed away sometime after Donald grew up. 

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