Frank Lloyd Drake
General Information
Full Name Frank Lloyd Drake
Gender Male
Race Duckbill (?)
Nationality MiniflagUnited States USA
Born  ???
Died  ???
Special Information
Residence Duckburg, Calisota, USA
Occupation Architect
Organization None

Frank Lloyd Drake was an architect who had an office in Duckburg when Scrooge first moved there with his sisters in 1902. Drake's main occupation was designing barns. Scrooge had Frank Lloyd Drake draw the blueprints for his Money Bin.

His shop with the label 'F.L Drake, Architect' still remains as one of the buried buildings of underground Duckburg. Upon Blackheart Beagle remembering Drake, the rest of the Beagle Boys went to his office to search, and eventually find the blueprints of the Money Bin..

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