Bandeau-donald (2)
Father Quackmore Duck
Mother Hortense McDuck
Cousin Gladstone Gander
Uncle Scrooge McDuck
Nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck
Grandmother Elvira Coot
Grandfather Humperdink Duck

Donald Duck is the primary protagonist of much of the "Duck Universe" and Donald Duck Franchise. Although grumpy and selfish, Donald is ultimately a heroic and loving figure whose protective over those he cares about. He raised his Nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie after the mysterious disappearance of their mother, Della Duck. In non-Duck Universe portrayals, Donald Duck is usually depicted as a spoiled, or simply angry young man or even child whose best friends with Mickey Mouse and sometimes Goofy


Early Life (1920-1938)Edit

Donald Duck was born in the 9th of June, 1920 in Duckburg, to Hortense McDuck and Quackmore Duck. He was raised in the Duck household, being raised with his sister Della, and often interacting with his much hated cousin Gladstone.
Triple Dipstelfink

The events of the Triple Dipstelfink.

By the time of one of Gladstone's first birthdays, Donald (or "Donny" as Gladstone referred him to) had already developed an insufferable temper, and Gladstone had inheritted his mother's luck. That had already develoed a hatred from Donald's side (although Gladstone [Gladdy] was of much better disposition at that time) and as a result he hang Gladstone over the barn with the sign of the Tripe Distelfink, with the intention of pelting him with rotten eggs, but was interruped by being accidentally electrocuted and giving Gladstone bad luck annualy, on his birthday.

Kicking Ass

Donald puts Scrooge to his place.

In 1930, Scrooge McDuck finally return to Duckburg, as a hardened and immoral man. His sister Hortense, and her family (including Donald) and Matilda prepared a surprise welcoming party in his Money Bin, after not having seen him for almost 20 years, since their fight during their trip to Africa. But, due to Scrooge's behavior, they stormed the building. Donald remained for a few more seconds, kicking Scrooge on the butt (literally) and then running after his family.


Donald describes his daily life as a student.

The Duck family then abandoned Scrooge and Duckburg, leaving for a thus-far unknown location. Nevertheless, in "Class Schedule II", Donald is depicted in a classroom, drawing a negative sketch of Scrooge, inking a girl's hair, picking up fights with another boy, and toying around with the blackboard. When referring to this time to his nephews, Donald will lie, stating that he was a model student, being made fun of for being attentive to the school subjects, at which he was quite advanced. Very advanced actually. He is depicted writting the formula of the general relativity theory, solving a mathematical problem with at least two unknown variables, the ionization of hydrochloric acid, as well as some other chemical reactions.

In 1955, Matilda describes Donald as being occasionally "nasty" as a boy, which Donald tries to dismiss in front of his nephews.


World War 2 (1938-1944)Edit

It's unknown if Donald attended to college, but it is unlikely that he graduated, as he has yet to make use of his diploma.

Instead, in the years before and during World War 2, he seems to have taken interest into travelling to foreign countries and discovering new cultures. In 1942, he travelled to Peru, specifically Lake Titicaca, and interacted with the local villagers, along with their steeds, the llamas!

In the same year, he travelled to Brazil, more specifically Rio De Janeiro, where he met Jose Carioca, somewhere near Copacabana Beach. The two became very good friends. It is unknown if they made regular contact, but in 1944, in order to celebrate Donald's 24th birthday, he sent him a present.
The Three Caballeros

The Three Caballeros in Mexico City.

In 1944, he was indeed reunited with Jose, possibly visiting the city of Baia. The two men went to Mexico, where they met a Chihuahuan vaquero by the name of Panchito Pistoles. Panchito greeted them, forming the Three Caballeros, and proceeded to give them a tour around the country, notably around Pátzcuaro, Veracruz, Acapulco and finally Mexico City.

After a friendly 'bull' fight, they parted their ways, remaining a symbol of unity during war, on the night sky of Mexico City.

Responsibilities (1944-1947)Edit

Donald returned to Duckburg, and at some point between 1944 and 1947, had to take care of his young nephews, essentially acting as a parent to them. He also developed a serious relationship with Daisy Duck, another citizen of Duckburg, with whom it is unknown if they had met prior to 1944.

He struggled with unemployment or fiscal instability, generally not being able to provide for a traditional Christmas for the kids. He often had to go out and hunt their Christmas dinner by himself. During these difficult times, he was reminded of his rich uncle Scrooge, who had closed completely to himself at that point.

Fortunately for all parties involved, Scrooge finally felt too lonely and invited his nephews to spend Christmas at his holiday house in Bear Mountain, trying to teach them (and perhaps himself) a lesson about bravery, and catering to his own cynicism. Nevertheless, the nephews (accidentally) passed the test, their encounter with a bear, while it was Scrooge who was frightened instead.
Meeting Scrooge

Meeting Scrooge for the first time, in 1947.

Following that, he invited them to his mansion, where they met for the first time. He then took them to visit the Money Bin, defeating a plot of the Beagle Boys in the meantime, something that, along with his nephews' encouragements, motivated Scrooge to return back to action.

A Decade Of Adventures (1947-1957)Edit

For a while, Donald will face adventures of a smaller scale, his nephews, though he experienced his first adventure abroad with his uncle, in "The Old Castle's Secret" where he travelled to Scotland to discover a near ancient clan treasure hidden in the McDuck Castle.

Golden Helmet

The Golden Helmet

While he worked in the Duckburg Museum, he will have many adventures, with his nephews, such as finding the Golden Helmet, or discovering Plain Awful, the home of the square eggs, as well as a few at Scrooge's requests.

He will eventually start being swept up in adventures with Scrooge, mostly as he will start being employed by him. Along with two adventures in the Yukon Territory, some of the most iconic are "The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone", "The Golden Fleecing", "The Seven Cities of Cibola", "Tralla La" or "Land of the Pygmy Indians".

During that time, he will quite literally travel to every corner of the globe, make huge archaeological discoveries, and recover numerous priceless artifacts.

Later Life (1957-1990s)Edit

Around 1958, Huey, Luey and Dewey may have gone to college, though there is no direct confirmation of that fact. In "The Three Caballeros Ride Again" Donald noted that he was not in the financial situation to pay their college tuition fees, and was planning to use the treasure gained from that adventure to help them get to college. When the treasure ended up being worthless, he stated that he considered his nephews smart enough to earn a scholarship.

Sometime in his life, after the time the adventures take place (1947-1958), he finally got married with Daisy Duck. There is no indication that he had any offsprings, though the two stayed together until a ripe old age.

Scrooge's death came in 1967, something that had a significant effect on Donald. While it is known for sure that he did not inherit his fortune and businesses, Scrooge did not want to leave Donald and Gladstone without anything, as they were his kin. For that reason, he had helped them set up businesses (The Donald Duck Soda Company for Donald), although even then he was sure that they would run them into the ground within a month.

At Scrooge's gravestone.

Donald has been living with Daisy and visiting Scrooge's grave along with his nephews well into the 1990s.

Donald Fauntleroy Duck is one of the protagonists of the Duckburg Universe, and has been present in the majority of its stories. Extremelly irritable and sometimes childish, he has followed, along with his nephews, his uncle Scrooge in journeys all around the world.

He received heavy developments both under Carl Barks and Don Rosa, both using him prominently in their work.


Having inheritted the irritability from both sides of the family, Donald tends to get easily infuriated, something which generally makes him more slopy and therefore, more accident prone. According to Huey, Dewey and Luey, two fights in one afternoon is not even a record for Donald.

Donald after almost breaking up with Daisy.

One of Donald’s recognizable songs seems (to the Awfultonians at least) to be ‘The World Owes me a Living’, addressing some traits of his personality.

Business SenseEdit

He has been depicted to have no business sense, once having sold a valuable patent for a few dollars, and having purchased a vertically alignedfd lot. His kind personality has caused him trouble quite a few times, both in business (he once almost lost Scrooge's entire fortune by allowing the delay of loan payments), and in general (he was attacked by a colt and a coyote, both of which he had tried to tame in a friendly manner in different occasions). To add to that, he is rather fiscally irresponsible, being a spendthrift of sorts, spending large parts of his salary on soda. That can be attributed to the fact that that Donald only sees the monetary value of money, encouraging their quick spending, not being able to comprehend the sentimental value Scrooge has attached to them. As a result, he often has to face poverty.

Business Sense

Donald is a lover of good soda.

Donald Duck has worked numerous jobs, more than any other citizen of Duckburg, apparently. Among these jobs, he has worked as a mail man, a mountie, or even a skyscraper window cleaner. After 1947, he has been mostly employed by his Uncle Scrooge, working as a clerk, a mail boy, a money cleaner, an accountant, and of course a companion to many quests for only 3 dimes an hour, a low wage that he disapproves of. Unfortunately, Donald is frequently fired either due to his irresponsibility, or even a honest mistake which he could not avert despite his best efforts. Reportedly, Scrooge fires him at least once a week, and rehires him so that he can have someone to blame when things go bad.

Good TraitsEdit

Good Traits

HDL comment on Donald raising them.

While not the bravest duck in the world, he by no means is a coward, having surpassed his acrophobia (although he later regained it, following a traumatic event) through sheer willpower, and having shown many instances of bravery and defiance, often risking his own life to protect his uncle's fortune. While generally a duck of honor, he has often detracted from that path, committing dishonorable deeds, even going to the extent of taking the advantage of relatives in need.

Having to look over his nephews has been of catalytic importance to his character. Although, himself childish and often of a competitive nature even with youngsters, he has eventually grown to become a very responsible parent, despite his own low salary and bad luck, something which Huey, Luey and Dewey seem to have recognized after the events of 'Super Snooper Strikes Again'. He dislikes violent comic book characters such as Super Snooper, endorsing comics that rely on plot and characters such as Marvin Monkey, instead.


He has developed a romantic relationship with Daisy Duck, to whom he is generally very loyal (as referred to in "The Three Caballeros Ride Again"), although he may have been flirting with a McDuck Tower employee, during the time he spent working there as a window washer.

Generally being pushed over by everyone, Panchito Pistoles and Jose Carioca, with whom he comprises the Three Caballeros have been referred to as the only true friends he has had as an adult, and the only people who consider him as an equal, and respect him as such.

Scrooge is among the people who often mistreat Donald, having him risk his life, many times for only a three dimes per hour, and generally demeaning him in everyway. Despite that, he knows where to draw the line. He understands that his nephew's life is worth more than money, as he has reluctantly shown several times. Huey, Dewey and Luey theorize that while Scrooge not only cares for, but also genuinely likes Donald, he is mean to him, as unlike him, he has the freedom of horizons and lack of responsibilities that he once enjoyed. They also think that Donald tends to be good to Scrooge, as he always tends to help those less fortunate than him.

Gladstone Gander also takes every opportunity he can to anger, or generally compete with Donald, very often over the affection of Daisy Duck. Despite Gladstone's insufferable luck, Donald always tends to be the one in better terms with Daisy. The two, however, still maintain open hostility upon their interactions.


Donald is mistreated by most of his relatives.

'Grandma' Elvira Duck and Gus Goose are probably within the exceptions of that rule. They both care to some extent about Donald, and do not tend to mistreat him. Grandma Duck has been caring for Donald in some fashion or other since he was a baby, while Gus, although he can't really be considered as a true friend, has treated Donald with a certain degree of friendliness.

Another example is the local inventor, Gyro Gearloose, although he is often too detached from the world to commit to any friendly relationships. Nevertheless, Donald is an often customer of Gyro's, and he has played a catalytic role to the invention of the Little Helper.

Donald's relationship with his nephews is much more complicated and fluid. While he acts as their parent, he often competes or fights with them. Still, it'd be incorrect to consider Donald an irresponsible parent. He does the best within his powers to ensure that they grow up right. As such, sometimes their relationship is friendly, while in other occasions, it's antagonistic.


Donald is generally a very skilled person on several subjects, though his own bad luck and carelessness often turn his creativity to (self) destruction.

From time to time, Donald maintains his car, by dismantling the body, checking for rust spots, overhauling the engine and fixing any parts that aren’t 100% up to snuff. By doing it all by himself, he saves a lot of money.
Pumkin Arist

Donald as a pumkin artist.


Donald has at times shown examples of great artistry.

He is known to be a master pumkin carver, despite winning the Jack-O-Lantern contest (they Mayor and his assistant mistook his semi-destroyed house for a giant pumkin), entirely by accident.

Donald had worked as a landscapist for some time, gaining quite a bit of prestige around Duckburg, as the best landscapist. His landscaping methods were the quickest because they were the newest, as he had made them up "last week". He even had enough money to buy a truck for his job, the ‘3138’. Nevertheless, following an accident in the Mayor's garden, he completely lost his fame, and was personally hunted down by the Mayor.


Duckburg is a city with cold winters. As such, Donald has developed some skills with winter sports. He is a master skater. He once boasted to his nephews about his skiing skills. And while in "Serum to Codfish Cove" that appears to lie, he has been afterwards depicted as being quite a skier, also.

Donald has also been bowling as a hobby, while his baseball pitching in "Letter From Home" saved the day.


Donald is a fan of watching TV, especially action or western shows, one of his favorite being ”Blazing Six-Guns on the Purple Sage”. During "The Sheriff of Black Valley" he referrences several western movies, and is inspired to become a deputy, out in the west.

His encounters with rustlers shows that he is not very skilled with revolvers, although in other stories Donald has been depicted to be hunting with a rifle.