Chief's Necklace
Vital Statistics
Type Necklace
Era  ???
Civilization Bororo?
Estimated Price See: Section
Magical? No

The tribal amulet of royalty, a symbol of power for the Tribe of the Mines of Fear. Is accidentally stolen by Señor Martinez , only to be returned by Panchito to the Brazilian government, recieving a reward enough for him to purchase a hacienda in Mexico.



The necklace as a symbol of rulership.

Consisting of gems from the ancient Phoenician Ophir Mines (Mines of Fear), the Chief's necklace is more likely to be a product of Indian handcraftship. That can be deduced by the golden disk the gems are placed on, with gold not being one of the products of the Ophir Mines.

The Indian Chief describes this item as being all that he had left from his father's gems. Nevertheless, as a symbol of royalty, the necklace may have been much older than the Chief's father, being passed on from ruler to ruler and from father to son.

The Tribe of the Mines of Fear was trapping exotic animals in the Matto Grosso of Brazil, and are therefore likely to be part of the Bororo civilization.

Story ProgressionEdit


Panchito rediscovers the amulet.

The amulet is first shown to be worn by the Chief, who loses it by accident, during the fight that occured when the Three Caballeros rescued Donald. Señor Martinez held it with his teeth for a certain amount of time, until his rider Panchito rediscovered it.

In the time that the amulet is lost, the Chief hid his neck with a cape.

After their treasure hunt, Martinez and Panchito attempt to return it to the tribe, who refuse to accept it, as it was a symbol of their former leader. After that, they return it to Brazilian authorities, collecting a reward.

Estimated PriceEdit

While the necklace's fiscal value is never directly revealed, there are some hints:

  • The Chief claims that it's not enough to live for a long period in a Las Vegas or New York mansion.
  • Panchito receives a great enough reward for him to buy a ranch in Chihuahua, after returning it to the Brazilian government,

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