Note: This article refers to the character of that name, not the actual artist named Carl Barks.

Carl Barks
Carl Barks (character)
General Information
Full Name Carl Barks
Gender Male
Race Human/Dogface (?)
Nationality MiniflagUnited States USA
Born  ???
Died 19??
Special Information
Residence Unknown
Occupation Artist
Organization None

Scrooge showcased his artifact collection at least twice in the Duckburg Museum, so as to collect handsome admission fees. One of his most important exhibits is arguably that of the Goose Egg Nugget, which Scrooge has surrounded with priceless oil paintings of his Yukon Days by his favorite artist.

While Donald thinks that they look like scenes out of a kid's comic book, Scrooge owns every painting "that genius" ever painted, except one that was stolen from a collector in Baltimore before he was able to buy it. He'd do anything to find that masterpiece.

After his defeat, Arpin Lusene sent a congratulatory message to Scrooge, along with a package the last Carl Barks oil painting. It was from his Riviera collection.

In "Cash Flow", there is a wanted poster of Carl Barks (an easter egg), which claims that he is wanted "for being bad".


  • While the artist referred to in "The Black Knight Glorps Again" remains unnamed, the oil paintings are actual paintings that Barks did after his retirement in 1967.

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