Barry Kuda
Barry Kuda
General Information
Full Name Barry Kuda
Gender Male
Race Dogface
Nationality MiniflagUnited States USA
Born c.a. 1910
Died  ????
Special Information
Residence Florida Keys, Florida, USA
Occupation Pirate
Treasure Hunter
Organization None

Assistant Conchy

Captain Barry Kuda is a minor antagonist of the Golden Era and the main antagonist who was featured in "Treasure Under the Glass".


Barry Kuda considers himself to be the only treasure hunter in a certain piece of the ocean near Florida Keys. He scuttles every treasure hunter’s ship that comes near his ‘territory’, although they have never really found anything of value. His operation is assisted by Conchy.

During the events of "Treasure Under the Glass", he held Scrooge at gunpoint and tied him up, while he also deliberately baited sharks in order to endanger Donald, Huey, Dewey and Louie, who were diving in order to find the map of Fransisco Melian.

Kuda and Conchy tried to escape after stealing a camera which taken photos of the map, but they were captured when the Glass Dome floated upside-down after the stakes pulled free of the coral and effectively created "a hole in the ocean".

The two pirates were then turned into the Harbor Police, who was looking for them.

Barry's skiff was the fastest in the Florida Keys, and it was probably confiscated by the authorities after his arrest.


  • Barry Kuda's name is inspired by barracuda, a fish known for its large size and fearsome appearance.

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