General Information
Full Name Unknown
Gender Male
Race Birdbeak
Nationality Flag of Canada Canada (or MiniflagUnited States USA,but moved due to Gold Rush)
Born c.a. 1860
Died  ???? (after the 1950s)
Special Information
Residence Dawson City,Yukon,Canada.
Occupation Riverboat Helmsman
Organization None

Boss Soapy Slick

The ’Birdbeak’ helmsman has been working for Soapy Slick since the Gold Rush days all the way until at least the mid-50s. He is a minor character of the Heroic Age and a minor antagonist of the Golden Era.

Although his morality is never analyzed, he appears to have a friendly relationship with Soapy, and is probably as greedy as him.

During his career, he piloted several riverboats for Soapy Slick, though it is unknown what he did afterwards his last one sank in "Last Sled to Dawson".

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